• Hannah Dearth

You Are Welcome Here

Jesus has always found a way to remind me He is present-long before I fully committed my life to Him- again.

Whether it was in hard times as a child through my mother’s Bible that had wrinkled pages and several notes written in ink pen, my great uncle’s preaching at a little church of 30 or so people, my grandparent’s marriage, or my high school youth group leader’s constant support and engagement... He found me.

He found me in college, through a sermon podcast series (before I even really knew what podcasts were), and again as a young adult through several cousin’s invitation to a Bible study, and a good friend’s invitation to church (where a discipling relationship ultimately rearranged my heart and renewed my active faith).

He found me.

In abuse. In depression. In hopelessness. Even when my choices weren’t aligning and my heart was a mess, He kept reminding me that He was there and He was waiting. Even then. Even for someone

Finally, I acknowledged and fully accepted His invitation, and little by little, just like the ways He reminded me of His presence, He transformed my life and my heart. And He is still working, still molding, still shaping and teaching me as a young mother and wife with so very many stumbling blocks and so very much still to learn.

Writing has always been a way I’ve both gotten through hard things, and felt most connected to God. I hope that this page shares with you the encouragement, connecting love, and grace our Father gives us in His unending pursuit of our hearts...for not only ourselves...but for each other. I also hope that it invites you to the Word and creates a curiosity to dive deeper in a real and exciting way. He doesn’t call us to be perfect. He has been there, and done that... for us. But He calls us to get up, show up, and keep giving it to Him, and trying again with each new day.

You are welcome here. There are no requirements or tests. You are just...welcome.

We are in this together, and together, I cannot wait to see how He continues to remind us of His presence, His promise, and His transformative power. I’m so glad you’re here, and so very honored to be in this with you.

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