• Hannah Dearth

You are.

By: Hannah Dearth

You know the guilt and the questioning moms feel?

Did I do enough? Was I patient enough? Did I tell them I loved them enough?

What will they remember?

The times I lost my temper getting out the door, or the many more times I sat and played in the floor with them laughing and giggling?

They will continuing going out into to the world more and more, and I just want to know... did I prepare them enough?

The question behind all of that that we are really asking is...

“Am I enough?”

The answer that He give us is yes. A loud, resounding, YES. In Him, you are more than enough momma.

Just like those babies don’t have to earn our love, we don’t have to earn His either. His love and grace are freely given. He sees you doing all that we can. After all, He gave those babies to YOU.

So, rest a little easier. Sometimes it will still seem like what you do will never “feel” like enough, but momma, it is, because you are.

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