• Hannah Dearth

Whose You Are

by: Hannah Dearth

It comes easier to us to remind people, even our children, who they are in big moments (good or bad).

“You didn’t get an A?

You are so hardworking, you did your best and it doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.”

“You got an A!!! You are so smart! Great job on that test!”

But every day, I want them to know WHOSE they are...”you are worth the same pass or fail”.

They may be the mvp in their game, the first chair in band...”you rock!”

“...but, you are also more than those things, and you always will be.”

Because hardwork is great. Education is great. Being proud of themselves and feeling supported is such amazing stuff!!

But someday, they graduate. Football is over. Band is finished. All of that goes away in some form or another.

One thing remains in good times, in bad times, and in all stages of life...


As we lean in now, with everything stripped away and back to its most basic form...a little less busy even in the uncertainty...feeling a little bit more grateful for what we do have, maybe just a little bit more aware of God and our faith...let’s vow not to let that core identity slip. That identity that we carry with us when even everything around us is changing.

We can be so many great things in our lives. Our kids, and even ourselves, can hold so many incredible titles, but at our core, we are His. Always and forever. Pass or fail. Win or lose. Beginning a season, ending one, or possibly like now, unsure of where you are...remember, You. Are. His. And you always will be. Nothing can change that.

What better truth could you speak over yourself or a loved one? ❤️

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