• Hannah Dearth

Weighing our Hurt

By: Hannah Dearth

Someone else’s “bigger” hurt doesn’t make yours any less significant.

There is no scale that weighs how much or how long you should hurt after a difficult situation.

There is no loss that we can say across the board trumps other loss.

There is no abuse that matters less.

From time to time you think to yourself,

“...but their situation seems worse or more recent...”

“I can’t talk about my pain. I shouldn’t feel this way when my hurt doesn’t seem as big...”


Pain is not measurable in this way. Hurt is not summed up in this way.

It knows no timeline. It doesn’t fit into boxes.

We all hurt and we all experience hurt, and all of it matters. Plain and simple.

But you know what else?

Through sharing that hurt and carrying it together....

Somewhere, at some point, in our own way...

...we all can heal too.

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