• Hannah Dearth

We wake up, thank God, and do it again

by: Hannah Dearth

The do-gooders…the helpers…

we are tired


Heartbroken even

At the state of the world

At the anger and hatred

The division

But we rest


And keep on fighting the good fight

Even when we want to scream

Give up

Let go


Not because we feel we have to

Or it doesn’t hurt too

It definitely has a cost that comes with it

But Because we have seen the depths of brokenness

The hardest of things

And we know we are all broken ourselves

And in this, we have found the truest love,

And grace, and strength

Most of all, we remember a someone

that helped us get through our valleys

And we know even if it’s just one person

Equipped with love and understanding

One person that just shows up

That matters


Life and death kind of matters

It’s priceless

It’s everything

So…we wipe the tears. We pray. We go to bed. We wake up and thank God for another day. We do it all over again.

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