• Hannah Dearth

They Will Remind You

My children continuously remind me about the everyday art of worship.

On our walks, for example:

We catch bugs.

We pick wildflowers.

We look for birds.

We collect cool rocks and sticks.

We dance, and jump, and run.

I get it, this isn’t -quite- worship.

But, they remind me to stop.

To breathe.

To be present, and take it all in.

No rushing. No expectations.

Just joy, peace, and gratitude.

Every single part of our walks together, we are open. Enjoying creation with abandon.

This certainly feels like worship.

Like recentering- what matters, where our focus and time should go.

Emptying our hearts out , and making more room for whatever is to come next.

When worship feels hard, when praising Him, or doing the small things with God’s love has been forgotten, look to your children.

They’ll remind you.

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