• Hannah Dearth

The Magic in Childhood Friendships

There’s something about the friends you’ve had since childhood. Those friendships...they’re different. How many people in your life, that you have chosen to be in your life, know all of those things about you like they do? Because...they don’t just know the things...they were there for them.

I’m not just talking about a sport you played, or a high school prom (even though those can be fun memories too). I am talking about something deeper. They know what makes

Your parent that yelled...drank a little too much? How sometimes now you get a little on edge when someone reaches that volume? They connect the two in a way that sees you at your core.

The time you broke your leg, or the time a family member passed away...your first love...your first breakup...the many firsts together. Isn’t that beautiful?

My best friends that I drove in my first car, they now ride with me in my car with two car seats in the back. They were there through understanding what it’s like to be a parent (well doesn’t that just continue honestly?). They were there with me, making years of memories in my first house through tears and laughter, jobs and relationships, and everything in between. We cheered each other on through multiple graduations- junior high, high school, college...

And even when we lived in different states, even when life seemed to be heading in different directions, it always brought us back together. It’s the friendship you know is going to stick no matter what. It’s the friendship that can go a long time without seeing one another, and pick right back up where you left off. Pick up the phone when you need it. Talk to you about depression and anxiety and purpose...or just why this person on the highway is doing whatever the heck they are doing. Anything at all.

They are your people. They know all the good, all the bad, all the highs and lows...and choose to show up and you. Not because they have to. They want to. And you feel the same for them. They see you in a way that is so much different than the world does. They know what makes you happy and sad and they know the journey you have been on...and the journey you’re heading toward. They see you as a whole and complete person, with so much grace and love.

There is just something special about those friendships that endure. It isn’t because you’re exactly the same people, it’s much the opposite. You always have so much to learn from one another. It’s a balance. You grow together, and you grow differently. You accept, and embrace, and honor that.

You know what? It’s more than special. It’s freaking magic. Tell each other that sometimes. Life’s hard. Thank God for those long-standing friendships. Aren’t we so very lucky to have this bit of magic in our lives?

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