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The Joy of Watching Your Grandma Become a Grandma All Over Again with Your Children

b: Hannah Dearth

Watching my mother become a grandma or “mimi” has been a joy, one that I could write a book about. When I found out that I was pregnant, I dreamed about how it would play out, and how much my kids would love her. She has lived up to the name and more. But the surprise I didn’t fully grasp when I became a parent, was watching my grandma become a grandma all over again with my children. She too lives up to her name, great.

First of all, what a blessing to have a grandparent in your life for another generation to know. All of the stories and wisdom are immeasurable. In some ways it works out much of the same way you feel about a parent when you have get to really appreciate all that they did for you, and the impression that they have made on you. You now do your best to soak it in and take all of the mental (and real) pictures, because you now know the value of time.

Second of all, you get to relive your childhood experiences with your grandparent(s) that came and went all too fast. Grandma still has the special snacks stocked from the store, the I got you this just because, the delicious...I mean the most DELICIOUS cooking that is always ready for you when you come to visit.

Seeing my son burst with excitement when he hears we are making a trip to go visit his great mamaw, I imagine very much mirrors my childhood excitement to take trips to see her. She truly has only gotten better with age. And while she has aged, my son both sees this and is gentle and loving, and embraces this, and snuggles up with her to read a book. If you are gifted enough to also have your grandparent spend time with your children, soak it all in. It is the most special connection.

They didn’t prepare us for this, and I don’t know who could. It’s truly an incredible mix of one foot in childhood reliving all of the best parts of your grandparents, and one part in the present deeply knowing how grateful you are for them and your continued time together. And in this case, I don’t have to tell stories to my son about who my grandma is, he knows it in his heart the same way I do.

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