• Hannah Dearth

The “In Between” Decade

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

by: Hannah Dearth

Whoever made up that general outline we hear about how the decade of your twenties should play out obviously never met another 20 something year old. I say that, because now in my late twenties, I have friends in every situation you could think of. There is no “norm”. I have friends with 3 kids and with no kids. Some of them are married, unmarried, and others are single. A few are homeowners while others are traveling or living out of state...or some are just moving out of a parents home. I have friends with big careers while others are still trying to nail down what they want for a career. The list goes on and on, and you know what? These can’t be narrowed down to an image of the “right way” to live in your twenties. lt truly is this decade of “in between”.

For most, we are feeling in between becoming legally an adult and the realities of embracing creating our own path. When do you truly feel like an adult, anyway? What is this “plan”? You continue to watch friends make choices drastically different than your own and vice versa. You lose friends, make new ones, and strengthen old relationships. You often feel like you need to know the next step, or even second guess the current one that you are working on. Am I doing enough? Am I where I should be?

Being in your twenties is a big decade. A beautiful decade. A hard decade. It’s coming to a realization of all of this independence AND all of this responsibility. Here’s to the late 20 somethings and early 30 somethings rounding out this literal decade while also rounding out the “in between” decade. It’s been somewhat navigating the unknown, but it’s yours. We have learned that life isn’t a one size fits all, and that that is a good thing. I hope the next decade holds more goal crushing, dreaming, coming into who you are, and even more excitement.

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