• Hannah Dearth

Tearing Apart a Marriage

By: Hannah Dearth

Photo by: Jena Marie Photography

We are tearing apart our marriage after just two years together.

I suppose you could at any point, but now is when we have decided to go ahead and do it.

I’m not a marriage expert, but actually, I would recommend it to almost anyone.

I would recommend tearing it down until only the foundation is left. Tear down every wall, insecurity, selfish need, and false belief.

It will be messy. It will be hard work. You are going to likely be in a phase of life where everything feels like it is under construction as you put in all of this work.

But, you will build your marriage, and yourselves, back up together. Brick by brick, securing yourselves in Him.

You see, marriage will always feel like the floor beneath you is the next storm that hits you could demolish everything...unless you are secured in Him.

I don’t mean you both renovate the marriage in His name. Read one christian marriage book like you are adding on a nice little room you can go sit in sometimes, or doing a bit of updating to your life. A little church here and there. Some praying. Do not mistake that as enough. Tear. It. Down. He needs to be what you are built upon. What your marriage stands on.

Then when the storms come, and the earth will remain firm, together. Because you have built a faith, a marriage, a life, and a home upon the rock.

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