• Hannah Dearth

Strength in Staying

By: Hannah Dearth

Strength in Staying

It feels more and more common now that we live in a society that honors if it’s broke...get a new one. There is some truth in this, there is strength in having courage and moving away from something that isn’t working or that is no longer safe and a job, a romantic relationship, a friendship...

But, remember, there is still also strength in staying. In fixing. In growing, and in pushing through.

Strength that is found in reconciliation and making things work in the long run is most certainly not easy. It is full of tears and sacrifice...perseverance and grit. And lots of grace.


Sometimes it feels like walking away would make us happy. This job or relationship or commitment is not what I signed up for. It isn’t going as I had pictured. Right now this thing feels like it no longer serves me and moving on feels hard too sure, but what do I have left? The now is hard. So hard.

In a lot of ways, this is all circumstantial. It’s all for you to decide. And either way, I know you will make it through and thrive...

...but, in a society that is ever pushing newer, better, now...I want to let you know that you can still stay. If you ultimately are safe and supported and can see a different bigger picture...staying is certainly okay too. Hard now doesn’t mean hard forever. I see the work that you are putting in. And often, it seems what is hardest, can prove to be what is worth the most in our lives.

So if you want to stay, I see your strength there too.

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