• Hannah Dearth

Sinner to Saved

By: Hannah Dearth

Those from my past that I am no longer connected to may be shocked to see me now, and those I’m connected to now that didn’t know me back then may be shocked to know my past. I wrestle with this within myself occasionally. It can sometimes be a hard space to live in in terms of identity. The shame, the blame, acceptance of who I am, claiming the many many times I’ve messed up, fallen short, as well as the times I’ve grown and learned from.

The truth is, I’m still both of these people. They both have made me who I am today, and they both impact who I am to come,

and God has loved me and rooted for me through it all.

And He will continue to do so.

Give yourself grace. Give each other grace.

We are all growing and shifting and changing into who He created us to be, while simultaneously trying to be in this very moment that same thing. & there is enormous beauty in it all when you can shift your view from shame to acceptance.

From sinner to saved.

Lost to found.

Restless to redeemed.

Fallen to forgiven.

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