• Hannah Dearth

Seeking the One Who Hears Our Hearts

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever felt like you were in a season in which you just NEEDED to be heard?

You call up a friend, or send out a text message. You ask to meet for coffee. Maybe you even share on social media.

We are designed for connection. No wonder we can crave to be seen and heard when we find ourselves in a valley.

I’ve found myself in that hole a few times already this year, and I am so incredibly thankful to have friends that pray, and encourage, and lift me up. Christ wants us to have this fellowship.

However, this fellowship, it isn’t a substitute for Christ himself. Sometimes, we can get so caught up seeking a listening ear, that we never actually lay our struggle down with the One who already knows our hearts. The One who created us, and knows our deepest hurts.

We create a cycle then of seeking individuals to fulfill our emptiness, and heal our aches, instead of calling out to the ultimate Healer himself.

Fellowship is a beautiful thing, but it isn’t the only thing, or even the MAIN thing.

Just take a breath, take a moment, and talk to Him. In your car. On your closet floor. In the bathroom at work.

He’s there. He’s waiting. He is good. And He loves you unconditionally.

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