• Hannah Dearth

Seasons of Grief

By: Hannah Dearth

My brain always attaches grief to death, but I am learning the heartache of grief in loss. In change. In unforeseen circumstances. Unmet expectations.

This grief is just as real, and just as pervasive in our lives, but sometimes we call it by other names.





It too can’t be labeled neatly, or put into a box and stored away for another time, nor can it be balled up tightly and thrown away.

But it can be named. It can be seen.

It can be called what it is so that you can recognize it, and in turn recognize what you need in that moment.

Grief is tricky that way. It impacts us each differently. It changes shape. Sometimes it comes on sudden and strong, and other times, slow…and surprising.

Grief isn’t just the passing on of a loved one.

Sometimes it’s the loss of a dream, the ending of relationship, or a sudden shift in reality through tragedy such as illness, bankruptcy, etc.

If you’re in the middle of a situation similar to those mentioned above, know you aren’t alone. Take your time naming what you feel, and doing what you need for support in this time. Because while this may not be a loss of life, it’s a loss nonetheless.

No matter what your situation, it’s okay to take a moment and say “Things are hard right now, but it won’t be this way forever.”

It’s okay for things to be different in this season, or maybe forever, as you adjust to this new way of viewing or living your life.

And like with all grief, we will find a way to carry on, whatever this may look like for each of us.

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