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By: Hannah Dearth

Every year, as the weather changes, I go through the drawers for the kids. We empty out all of the clothes that are now a size too small, to make room for the new clothes.

Every year, I dread it. I also get a little sad. Not because of the work (even though I also don’t like all of the work). It’s more about that feeling I get when I hold up a tee shirt and I look at how small it now seems in comparison to the current size...and what strikes me the most...I didn’t even notice before.

I usually find one outfit that I can picture a happy memory in and have to really force myself to move on. But, this year was different.

Instead of feeling emotional about how big my child is getting, I felt excited. Sure, I am moving on from some major milestones with my kids as babies. They are growing up.

But also, as I make room in these dresser drawers and closets for the next size and season of clothing, I’m making room in my heart for the next season of milestones to come.

And as the clothing size creeps up a little bit bigger, so do all of the wonderful opportunities for memories to be made.

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