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Remember When

by: Hannah Dearth

I found a note today in the back of the closet. It was more of a list, actually. I wrote it for my husband the week of our dating anniversary, just to remind him of all of the moments that added up to our life together. Some were the big stuff, like a first house, a baby, a wedding, but some of it was the small, day to day ordinary. I think if you are intentional enough, present enough, some of that is really the good stuff. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s the majority of your life.

I look back to 10 years ago imagining what my life would look like. Maybe some of the bigger moments are different, but a lot of the small ones go exactly as I dreamed. But, oh, how easily I can forget. I forget the exact way it felt when we found out we were going to be parents when I’m in the midst of day 3 of ear infections and sickness and no sleep. I forget the way I would snuggle up my son and he would rub my ear as he fell asleep when he was itty bitty. When life gets stressful, I can forget the way my husband used to pick me up and carry me just to be silly together. Or the cute post-it’s that were regularly on the mirror.

We can get so caught up in work, appointments...plans...that we forget the little glimmers of joy. Remember to remember. Sure, a lot of this changes with the stages of life, but all of these remember when moments, big and small, hold something that shaped you, that gave the picture of your life a little shine.

I think I’ll sit down tonight and create a new remember when list, but this time, of the moments I don’t want to forget in my current life that I can look back on. For example, my daughter and her squinty smile as she yet again pulls both socks and shoes off in record time. My husband coming home in the morning from a night shift and still so excited to help me wrestle the kids to get ready, and just see us. Our bedtime stories. My son’s sweet dinner prayers.

Alright, I gave it away. I’ll let you in on the secret...the magic of the remember when ones are happening right now. Don’t miss them.

Find your everyday magic.

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