• Hannah Dearth

Put on Your Armor

By: Hannah Dearth

We are in a battle, friends.

There is a fight for our souls here on earth until the day we go home.

Even though I’m in this battle, and I know who has won the war, He still calls me to fight.

If I am not fighting, I’m enduring. Surviving.

I don’t want to just survive.

So, I fight.

With love.

With worship.

With kindness.

With hope.

And I know, that when I am at my highest highs, and my lowest lows, that’s when the battle gets harder.

If I am not on guard, I can fall for one of the enemy’s greatest tactics. I can find myself more in middle of the road, just getting by...

when nothing is great, but nothing is bad...

I am comfortable.

It often feels that I am just riding it out,

Not really fighting either way.

And that is when the enemy falls back too, because he knows he is winning. In reality, I am stagnant. And he wants me to think I am in the lead, while I am just staying stuck.

He surely doesn’t want to see me strive to do well, and he loves to kick me when I’m down.

So, in these places, he plans his attacks.

I bet you can name several times when you were heading for something great in His name, and a grenade went off in your life.

I bet you could share stories of the

times one devastation left you in the trenches, only for more to pile on.

We are being led by the mightiest warrior.

But, we are in a day to day battle for our faith.

We are made to be victorious.

He calls us more than conquerors.

So, put on your armor.

Are you ready to fight?

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