• Hannah Dearth

Prayers for those Grieving During the Holidays

For some of us, as we enter the season of celebrating the joy in the birth and life of our Savior, we may also be feeling the pain and loss of a loved one at the same time.

Grief can be tricky, and as Christians, I think that we can unintentionally miss the mark in our response to ourselves, and to others through this process, causing more harmful than helpful impacts. I think that it is important to remember that grief looks different for all of us, and that Jesus himself cried out in grief. He knows our pain, and He isn’t offended or uncomfortable with this.

He invites us in with all of these emotions, actually. There is no need to force it to be wrapped up neatly.

Prayer is powerful. Prayer can and does do powerful things. I wholly believe this. However, sometimes, sharing that someone’s hurt is because “lack of faith” (needing to pray more etc.), is harmful and can push them further away from faith. Rather, lovingly praying prayers for healing and strength, peace, etc. alongside them, might be a better response. Also, just being able to be open and present in giving them the grace and love that He so freely gives us as they walk through this hard thing is so very powerful.

Grief is difficult to share, and sometimes hard to hear, or even to know how to respond to. I pray that this holiday season you feel comfortable in that uncomfortable to just ask your friends and loved ones what they need, and that you feel comfortable yourself to lean into Him, and find what that is too. There’s no need to hide it, dismiss it, or avoid it.

I am reaching out across this space and holding hands with you from here and praying these prayers. I am leaning into the hope and promise He gave us with his birth, life, and death, that some day we will be on that side of heaven with the those loved ones again (but knowing that it’s okay to be sad at the same time for the loss in the present too).

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