• Hannah Dearth

Not Today Satan!

Happy Sunday! This morning, you guys... This morning everything went the way you would not want it to go as I ushered two small children out of the door to service. BUT, I was determined to get there. We get out the door and into the car and I go to put the car in reverse to notice church is starting already. That’s okay, we will get there in time for the sermon. I go to get back out of the car to then notice I have two VERY different shoes on, people. I forgot when trying them on to see which went better with my sweater, amongst the madness of the little ones, to actually pick one.... So, maybe we don’t get into church this morning. We go through a drive thru and calm our hearts with a donut and cold brew🙃, and head back home.

But, not today Satan! We found a sermon from the weekends a bit back, snuggled up, and worshipped in our living room. I thought I would be a little transparent about this this morning, because I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way from time to time when things... start off on the wrong foot. 😉 Big or small (or sometimes when small things feel big) He is with us, He is sufficient, He makes us strong. *Also, I joke all of the time that our infant loves to hear our pastor’s voice and that is why she is so good in service-this is proof, because as soon as the video came on the tears dried up!

*post from my personal page this past spring*

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