• Hannah Dearth

Not Everything is About Me

By: Hannah Dearth

I am sensitive. Sensitive is good. Sensitive people do great things with that quality.

But, there are also some toxic things we have to keep in check when we are sensitive. For example, not everything said to us is personal. It doesn’t need thought about over and over and re-examined several times. Almost everything said to us is, in fact, not personal. Absorbing everything as if it is meant specifically for you and you only-whew that’s tiring. I also realize that by doing this, it can be a little bit selfish, prideful even.

So I tell myself...

Not everything is about me.

When someone looks at me “that way”, or makes a general comment, I do my very best not to “go there” in my mind. I stop trying to guess what I did wrong, or why they are upset with me. I just keep moving. I have found that I feel less on edge, less upset, less hurt by others and caught up in second guessing those that I know love me when I can do this.

Also, in doing so, it gives me more time to give my best self-all of me.

So...maybe I find out that that one in one hundred times it was actually personal? Guess what? That is ok too.

Because either way, instead of spending my day to day thinking about their intentions or what may be “wrong” with me, I try to just remind myself of the only truth. His truth. And just...move along...because it’s not always about me. In fact, from everything I know to be true, it’s all about Him...and He has made it pretty clear how much He loves and cares for all of us.

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