• Hannah Dearth

No One Has It All Together

by: Hannah Dearth

No one has it all together

No one. Not one single person is living life with all of their things...together. Life is a little all over the place. That’s both the beauty and the challenge sometimes. It’s deceiving to look on social, or talk with a neighbor and think,

“Wow, I wish I had a marriage like that.”

“I wish I had money like that.”

“I wish I was that happy.”

A lot of our pain goes unseen. We think if it looks like it’s all together, maybe will be. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how life works. So, we start using duct tape to keep it all in place. Patching holes here and there...

“It’s fine. I’m fine.”

Eventually....that just isn’t going to do.

Maybe, the neighbor doesn’t have the financial struggles. Maybe, your best friend’s marriage is strong. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a piece of life that they probably wish was going differently.

We all carry something heavy from time to time. The weight itself may vary, but we all know the feeling. First, give it to Him.

But, then...

Let them in. Don’t just tell them the surface. Your people will love you and it is likely they will really let you in too. And together, what feels like a heavy load, now is a little bit lighter. There may even be times where you have to carry each other through with prayers and support.

Having it “all together” is overrated. How about we get a little more real...”mostly together” sounds like a pretty good goal to me. Especially, when I have my people to go through it with.

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