• Hannah Dearth

Momma in the Hospital, I See You

by: Hannah Dearth

Hey momma. I noticed you today at the hospital.

No, I saw you.

My child was there for a follow-up.

We will be back maybe one more time for another appointment, and then, for us, life will carry on.

We will likely soon forget about this day as we settle back into “life as usual”.

Momma, it seemed maybe you had been there before.

It seemed maybe you are there regularly for appointments, or surgeries, or possibly ongoing therapies...maybe even all of the above.

I wish I would have let you know that I saw you. Like, really saw you.

Offered you a coffee.

Started up a deeper conversation.

I know that we were both there worried about the health of our babies.

But I recognize that it is likely that, maybe, you feel it in a way that is engrained into your bones. That is filtered into every part of your life now.

Work, relationships, finances, milestones...

Momma, I can’t pretend to know.

I can’t change it.

But I can let you know...

You are not invisible.

I saw you, with your enormous courage and sacrifice, and all of the other heavy things that you are carrying.

I pray for you. For your babies. For your family.

Our hospital stays may be different.

I hate that the world is this way.

But us, we are not all that different.

And momma, I promise, I still see you.

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