• Hannah Dearth

Miserable Comforters

by: Hannah Dearth

When we read Job, I think we often see our sufferings in our own lives, and identify with Job himself.

But...what about his wife? His friends?

What comfort and grace do we offer to those around us in difficult times in return?

Do we offer up empty words that cause more harm as “miserable comforters”, or do we meet them with humility where they are at, serving them with love?

I have been working to flip the stories I study and not always view myself as the main character, and I am finding that I am gaining so much. What a metaphor this is for me to use outside of Bible study as well…because well…I’m not the main character!

I am so thankful for the comforters (and the Ultimate Healer) that have been through hard things and offered me the kindness and understanding to get through it myself, and what an honor it is when we get the chance to be this for others in return.

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