• Hannah Dearth

Mental Health & Jesus

Mental health is like physical health, everyone needs to maintain it and care for themselves in order to be healthy. The Bible references mental wellness in many examples of guarding your heart and your thoughts, of working through anxiety and grief, etc.

Needing more support in managing your mental health doesn’t mean that you aren’t faithful or reliant on God, just as needing to eat different foods or take a vitamin doesn’t mean you don’t think He provides for your physical needs.

He created you. He knows your innermost thoughts. He knows how our bodies work, because we are created to mirror Him.

Even our savior cried, and grieved, and became angry.

God wants to hear you and wants you to draw near to Him.

I believe He also wants you to be an active participant in caring for yourself, and others, just like anything else in your faith walk…mental health included.

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