• Hannah Dearth

Learning to Love this Vessel

by: Hannah Dearth

I have always been self-conscious of my round face...and my skin. I can remember having this feeling back as far as middle school... which to be honest is probably because that’s the first time we really become aware of ourselves and others perceptions of us. I still have to fight that feeling now nearly 20 years later.

No matter my weight... no matter the style of my hair... my face always seemed so so round to me. My complexion never really fully cleared up. It’s probably the reason I’m not a huge selfie person. “Is that what others see??”

As I approach’s other things... my forehead. Wrinkles. Teeth I’ve chipped. Even at my fittest and body looks...different.

However...when I look around me... I genuinely don’t see these things in others. I don’t jump to pointing out what someone may see as their biggest flaw...or truly even see it sometimes. And when I do, I usually do not perceive it as a flaw. No one is perfect. And if you are striving...there isn’t one image to point to for “perfection”. It’s subjective.

The way your hair flips to that one side is pretty adorable. The way you smile and your one cheek has that oh so cute. Your curves... they are beautiful. Your deep dark eyes...they are stunning. Your eyebrows that never seem to want to listen...I love them. Your “bony” legs are yours. They have carried you on so many adventures.

This vessel we get to live life in is such a blessing. And I think the more that we continue to love and embrace that truth...the less we will see flaws, and the more we will see... our full selves. And when you aren’t feeding it...that shame, or embarrassment, or self-doubt will slowly die off... and let you bloom even bigger, and shine even brighter...and experience life without holding back...without second guessing...just as you are...your uniquely wonderful self.

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