• Hannah Dearth

Ideas at Home

By: Hannah Dearth

To the parents with young children that are home from school and work:

I know. I KNOW. 3 weeks home can feel like a long time. What will we do? How will we keep it together?

1. Put your phones down. I promise that you do not need to (and probably should not) read every 10 minute update from every news outlet about the’s just too much.

2. Pick the time of day you choose to read and talk about it (away from your children). They are listening. Have a separate and age appropriate conversation with them. They do not need to carry the worries of every piece of information, but they likely have questions.

3. You can be relaxed AND have structure. These CAN be awesome memories.

4. Have a themed movie day

5. Try cooking a meal or new recipe (make it a competition)

6. Get out all of the board games and puzzles

7. Play in the backyard, hike, or go for a walk

8. Have reading time

9. Create your church service from home! Watch it live or have your own worship together

10. Have Bible study or devotional time

11. Leave space for yourself, and leave room for at home dates with your spouse in the evenings when they kids go to bed

12. Create art projects

13. Make a giant tent and camp inside

14. Catch up on needed projects together

Whether you are staying home full time with your children or not these next few weeks as school closes, it is likely it can be an opportunity for a lot more stress to slip in. But, it can also be an opportunity for grace, and for slowing down. Embrace that. You can do it!

Here’s to new memories made as we do our best to enjoy this time, because in the midst of everything, we have each other. Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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