• Hannah Dearth

I Wasn’t Ready

by: Hannah Dearth

I wasn’t ready.

I can see that now, but I couldn’t then.

I wasn’t ready for what I was asking God for in that particular situation.

I was waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

Life happened.

My marriage changed.

Finances changed.

My roots grew deeper.

My children got older.

I slowly matured. And grew. And shifted.

I was almost ready.

But if God had given me what I thought I so desperately should have had then…

…before His plan was complete…

I would have blew it.

It wouldn’t have worked out.

The stress and change might have broke me.

My family and those around me would possibly be deeply negatively impacted.

I wasn’t ready then, and I can see that now.

I’m so very thankful for a God that could see it the whole time, a God who prepared me in the waiting.

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