• Hannah Dearth

I’m (Not) Sorry

by: Hannah Dearth

“I’m sorry!” “Oops, sorry about that!” “Sorry.”

I hear myself compulsively saying this ten times a day, sometimes more. I apologize for nothing at all. It’s a poor habit. I have always thought that it was just me being polite and considerate...until I learned the difference between my “apologies”.

Please apologize to strangers if you bump into them in the grocery store. Manners are nice. However, do not apologize to the person who rushed into the store just in front of you and barely made it in the door without knocking you down to the ground. It makes no sense.

It makes no sense to say sorry for things that you can’t control.

You also do not need to say sorry for saying the word “No”.

And please, don’t apologize if you need to cry either.

You are a person. A person that takes up space. A person that has feelings, and wants, and needs. You have value, but sometimes you don’t feel it. So, you apologize because you never want to be responsible for making someone else feel that same way. You are a person so very aware of others feelings and it is so beautiful that you want them to be okay, but absolutely do not apologize for just being you.

That’s nothing to be sorry for.

I’m glad you’re here.

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