• Hannah Dearth

I’m Betting On Jesus

by: Hannah Dearth

I have never physically saw God. When He moves in my life, I don’t visually see Him in the act. Often, I don’t see His plan written out. I can’t audibly hear Him speak to me.

But I believe in Him. I see Him in the world around me. I have faith in His power and in His presence. He is ever so evident to me.

This virus. I thankfully, haven’t seen it up close. I haven’t saw the symptoms. I can’t watch it spread with my own eyes in real time.

But I see the statistics. The way the world around me is altered. The fear. I know that it is near, in my community.

Two things I cannot see, but I know they are real, and present, and working. Two things that fuel very different responses in my heart and in my life.

In the end, which “thing” are you going to give over to with your heart, your thoughts, your outlook?

Faith or fear?

Jesus or this virus?

I’m betting on Jesus.

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