• Hannah Dearth

I Didn’t Plan For You

By: Hannah Dearth

I didn’t plan for you, but I couldn’t have dreamed up a child like you.

I didn’t have a space for you, or a timeline I was following. I wasn’t expecting you may come into my life soon.

I didn’t plan for you sweet first child of mine.

My life wasn’t quite in order, and my heart was a mess.

But something else I didn’t plan, is the way you saved me.

I didn’t plan for the way you would realign my faith, and my priorities.

I didn’t plan for the deep, earth-shattering love that I would experience when I first felt you kick, and then held you in my arms.

Sweet child, the world is right to say you were “unplanned” or a “surprise”, but sweet sweet baby, here’s the thing: I wouldn’t go back and plan anything different, because then I wouldn’t have you. And you... you are the best gift that I couldn’t have ever planned for-even if I tried.

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