• Hannah Dearth

How to Take Your Thoughts Captive

By: Hannah Dearth

Take captive every thought. Hold it tightly. What are you feeding yourself? This is your fuel. Your thoughts control your feelings, your outlook, and your actions.

2 Corinthians 10:5 says, “Take every thought captive, and make it obedient to Christ.”

This verse has also been reworded using the phrase “seize”, and even “frisk”. Check those intentions. Shake it up. Take that thought in your hands firmly and make sure that before you let that thought go that it is His truth.

Make sure that it is life giving, loving, encouraging, and kind. This is not just in terms of how your thoughts are about others, but to yourself as well. Resistance to what God is working on in you and through you does not just come from outside forces in the form of other people or unexpected circumstances. If you fill your tank with watered down fuel, your car may start at first, but you will not get far. Resistance to God working in you may try to enter in the form of thoughts of temptation. Thoughts for temporary fix. Thoughts filling you with shame or guilt saying you aren’t worthy. That is not God. Do not believe it, and absolutely do not let that into your mind or your heart.

God says that in Him we lack no good thing. We are His masterpieces. His beloved. We are chosen. Each day we are made new. To live in this truth is to think about it and let it overflow into our lives.

Again, ask yourself today, what is feeding my thoughts? Am I fueling myself with His word? What strongholds do I need to ask Him to break in my life?

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