• Hannah Dearth

House, Sweet Home.

We worked hard, and grew together, to purchase this old house, our first house... I had just turned 23.

We brought home both of our babies and have watched them achieve so many memorable milestones in this old house

We planned, prepared, and came home from our wedding to this home

Loved ones, now moved on, once spent time here

We have squeezed in all of our friends and family and hosted holidays and special parties that celebrated the joys of life here

We have cried, laughed, and the best- cry laughed on countless occasions

Through what may often feel like unending unexpected costs and repairs on plumbing, roof, AC, electrical issues and more... this house has held a lot of love and special memories for us. God has always provided a way through it all. This house has kept us safe and provided stability...and helped us mature. In perspective too... it is often more than we dreamed as children. It can be so easy to forget how special what you have is when you get too focused on what could be, what others have, and/or on what you want to see in your future. Comparison will steal your joy. However, you can be BOTH dreamy/goal oriented and content/present!

We are working on that balance. From now on I will remind myself that while our plans may not be to reside here forever, this is truly a HOME. Ours. And we are grateful. Currently, a few of the things I will remind myself are:

Squeaky floors=little feet dancing

Crowded kitchens=family meals

Old door that gets jammed when the weather acts up= still a door that is open for anyone who needs it

So thankful and blessed for what God has done for us in this earthly home for us this past 4 1/2 years.

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