• Hannah Dearth

He Has Not Forgotten You

By: Hannah Dearth

I am feeling renewed encouragement by the few words in the story of Noah in the Daily Chronological Bible this morning, "but God remembered".

These words are describing Noah in his waiting of 150 days after the rain stopped to see hope in getting off of the ark. It feels a lot like the storms we are in now, and it is a timely reminder that in all of this today, He still hasn't forgotten us. He continues to hold firm to His everlasting promises.

It is always incredible to me how you can read the same story you have read a thousand times, and the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to what your heart needs in His living word.

*And couldn‘t we all take a page out of my daughter’s book as well, and just go ahead and find that little spot of joy, and just jump in those puddles sometimes?!

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