• Hannah Dearth

Grace in Goal Setting

From time to time (especially at the end of a year) I like to look back and examine my goals, hoping to see growth. Lately, I have felt very disappointed with the struggles that I still wrestle with today.

“I’ve worked so hard on this, I thought I had seen progress.” I beat myself up.

Then I pause. I reflect a little more.

Just because I am still wrestling, this doesn’t mean I haven’t grown. It’s not the full picture.

Most of the time, now, I can manage this lie or challenge with healthier coping skills. I can notice it. I can ask for help. I know truth in scripture to battle it. I have prayer prompts I can go to. While it may still be a burden I bear, I carry it better. I lay it down more often.

I also remind myself that there is a season for everything. While one year may have been a major “milestone” year, or a year for picture worth feats, others may hold just as important small and quiet victories.

Nothing is often as it seems at first glance. Look deeper when setting or reviewing goals. There are always areas for growth, but there’s also always an area of growth that has already taken place, even if it wasn’t what you had hoped or planned for. Find it. Give yourself grace. Be proud of yourself. & keep going.

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