• Hannah Dearth

God Gave Me a Sister

by: Hannah Dearth

Right photo: Jena Marie Photography

A few years into my life, God gave me a sister. From the very beginning, when I held her at the hospital, she was “my baby”. We were bonded!

As we grew, we did everything together. We shared a room, toys, and eventually, clothes (whether the other liked it or not).

We played hard for hours with dolls or out in the dirt. We also fought hard, but made up quickly (usually).

When the time came to move out on my own, I wasn’t leaving my sister, but my best friend. She knew my heart the best. And as much as I thought I would joyfully move out to a space where no one would touch or take my things, that wasn’t the case. I missed her.

Each year we get older, each milestone that we get to share together, from graduations to major birthdays, or weddings and babies...we continue to get closer.

God gave me so much more than a sibling. He gave me my best friend. A person that knows what I need without saying a word. A role model. An amazing aunt to my children.

I’m so incredibly thankful God gave me a sister.

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