• Hannah Dearth

God Fills Us Up

By: Hannah Dearth

I always get the most personally from my efforts to disciple my kids when it comes to practical faith. I try to make a short message or lesson fun and exciting and memorable, and it never fails that they remind me of the simple truths and purpose. Whether it is with a question or simply their response to the activity or scripture, they point me back to Jesus at the core of his teachings.

Recently, for example, we did an experiment. I looked up and read several scriptures about how God fills us up and we talked about it for a few minutes. Then, the balloon attached to a water bottle itself fills up from the baking soda and vinegar reacting, and we talk about how this helps not only us, but others too. When we are filled up, we have more to give and it overflows out of us. God is what fills us. He fills our hearts and our minds. He fills our soul. He give us love and joy and peace and patience that only He can give.

Maybe you see where I’m going, but if not, let me paint the picture...

The baking soda is knocked over and the box is destroyed. The one year old who is just along for the ride puts the vinegar balloon in her mouth with ninja like speed. The four year year old asks very theological questions that are blowing my mind, followed up with other questions like can he stomp the bottle....and here I am...not overflowing with love and patience...

It’s the Christmas aftermath. It’s New Years. It’s no school. I have the cleaning. The excess stuff. The exhaustion. The travel. I’ve spent a lot of time focused on Jesus with my family, but not enough in my personal time. I’m running on empty...and only He can fill me up.

Our children are often the ones teaching us.

Friends, I hope whatever plans that you make or goals that you set... that you also begin your new year by going to the Source. The One who is able to refresh your soul. Today, tomorrow, and every day following.

God fills us up.

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