• Hannah Dearth

Get Out

by: Hannah Dearth

We have gotten out nearly every day since the shutdowns began near us.

Being outside of our home right now can be hard. From empty grocery shelves to overflowing hospitals, it reminds us that life outside of our four walls is different right now. It’s changing rapidly. It’s a bit scary.

When I refer to being out...I mean a different “out”.

I mean out in the woods...outside...from the wind blowing through my hair, to the crunching of the last of the leaves from fall under my feet- it takes me back to the start.

It reminds me of the new life that will still come.

It reminds me of how big the Creator is.


It puts a peace in my heart and quiets my soul.

I challenge you to get outside. For yourself. For your family. For your faith.

Put your phone down for awhile, and remind yourself that this too will pass, and He will remain.

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