• Hannah Dearth

Foster Care Chose Us

by: Hannah Dearth

When people find out that we are in classes to become licensed foster parents we get questions like,

“Aren’t you worried you’ll get too attached and have to give them back?”

“Are you scared of what they may bring into your home?”

Yes and yes.

It is messy and scary and unknown. We could choose not to foster and be a lot more comfortable in terms of time, stress, and finances etc....

But I am even more scared of what would happen if we don’t open our doors and hearts..if we don’t foster.

We are supposed to love these children and their families, give secure attachment, open ourselves to a lot of vulnerability, and we know that doing that will likely end up with all of us having some hurt and sacrifice as they go BECAUSE we chose to love...

...but the good, the harvest, the love, the ministry ,outweighs all of that hurt, and is much better than a clean, less stressed, more organized life.

You see, we feel called. This bigger force, drawing us in. We feel personal life experiences, passions from a previous career in social services, our faith... all of these life steps (in greater detail of course that weave together the fabric of our testimony) seemed to align and point us in this direction. Maybe you are in those things right now. The putting together of different pieces of your life to point you toward a calling. To create something that lasts longer than you. You don’t have to know exactly where God is leading you in this moment. We certainly didn’t know even two years ago that this is where we would be. But I know He led us here, and that He will lead you where you need to be if you let Him.

Even then, we are scared. Anxious. Excited. This will likely be one of the hardest things we ever do. God has said that He will work all things together for the good of those who love Him. Like I said, during the hurt, I couldn’t see that then, but I can see it now. We didn’t choose it. Foster care chose us. God took a hurt among other experiences, and made it into a help for others. It is said it is easiest to look at what breaks your heart to find your passion, your place to give back, to make a difference. This, all of this, breaks our hearts so deeply that we cannot turn away.

Please don’t mistake this as a foster care sell, or a writing about how we are something spectacular. Quite the opposite. We are everyday people. The most ordinary of people...but our God isn’t. He’s big. So big. And so mighty. I know He is waiting for ALL of us to give those hurts to Him in order for Him to make it into something greater.

It’s hard. Especially when you feel God is asking you to move in a way that requires you to live more sacrificially, but frankly I believe it really does bring us closer to Him. It cuts straight through all of the distraction and mess that waters down life and brings us right to the source of our purpose. Loving others with the love that He has for us.

What have you been second guessing moving toward that you feel God is calling you to? What is choosing you that can’t you get off of your mind? What’s your ministry... your work, big or small, that will outlast your time on this earth?

Got it? Take my hand, friend. We are in this together. I know it will be hard, but it will be so worth it.

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