• Hannah Dearth

First Words

by: Hannah Dearth

Photo by: Jena Marie Photography

My baby’s first word was “dada”.

Nothing could prepare me for that. I mean, we know it is said that most babies say “dada” before “momma”, but that’s not what I mean.

I couldn’t wait to be a mom. To hear MY child say the word “mom” to ME! You better believe I repeated momma to that baby day and night until I finally heard it back. And when the time came, it was every bit as magical and wonderful as I had imagined. But, when I heard “dada” may have been even more special. No, it definitely, was more special.

I hadn’t imagined the blessing of getting to watch the two people I love most love each other to the moon and that’s something. Talk about my heart exploding inside of my chest to hear my perfect tiny little love proudly call out for my best friend and other half with a smile... “dada”. Then, the gift of watching my husband’s response as he tearfully jumped for joy!

Nothing could prepare me for that moment, and all the moments that have followed since. Parenting isn’t easy, we both make mistakes, pick each other back up, and continue to try again. But, watching my husband become a “dada” and now grow into “dad”... well nothing could prepare me for that ❤️

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