• Hannah Dearth

Every Day Worship

By: Hannah Dearth

If we want to redefine what faith looks like for this world,

let’s redefine worship.

Worship isn’t only on Sunday.

Worship isn’t confined to a church.

Worship doesn’t have to always look the same.

Worship isn’t always a big grand gesture.

Worship is every day.

The errand you ran for an elderly neighbor.

The quick prayer you stopped and said for someone you knew needed it.

Your faithfulness and service to your spouse.

Singing that praise song with your kids in the car.

Meditating on His word, faithfulness, and goodness on a walk.

The peace you bring to others.

Worship should be every day.

That is what points to God in the difficult and uncertain.

That’s what makes a faith.

Let us be a people of every day worship.

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