• Hannah Dearth

Either Way, You Will Grow

by: Hannah Dearth

I cut my hair this past week. Like, not just a trim...a full 6+ inches!

At first, my stylist and I just kept saying (me a little nervously) back and forth, “I like it, do you like it?”. It was just a big change. I was so used to, and comfortable with, my long hair. I had no words, but it’s just hair, I had thought, and it will grow regardless.

I went home, then styled it some more. I took a long deep breath. It’s not that I don’t like this hair, I thought, it’s just different. Not because it looks worse, it is just a step outside of my “typical” comfort zone.

How often do we do that? We stay in our lane and we make small changes because it’s not that “different”, instead of pursuing something we really want because we don’t know exactly what it will look like. Sometimes, we need to just go for the change! Do it already! Cut that hair, ask about the promotion, go back to school, write that book, whatever it is... make the change.

Either way, you will grow too.

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