• Hannah Dearth

Comparison, the Parasite

By Hannah Dearth


It’s a parasite.

It eats and eats and eats away at what makes you, you. It holds on, and it doesn’t let go. You struggle to shake it. Often times…you don’t even realize it is there.

It feasts on your joy. Your ability to be present. Your relationships. Your humility.

Your finances. Your gratitude.

Even, and most importantly, your relationship with Jesus.

Comparison will consume your soul, if you let it.

In a world that screams MORE…

In a world that commands every second of our time, & then some…

In a world of shouts of pride and bitterness…

In a world full of ME’s and I’s

Be on guard.

Take inventory.

Assess your heart. Your thoughts.

Your words. Your schedule.




Because comparison is a parasite…

I’m not willing to be it’s host any longer, & my friend, neither should you.

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