• Hannah Dearth

Cling to His Promises

by: Hannah Dearth

Often, there is so much shame, and so much heaviness that comes over us after a big hurt happens.

It brings up questions like:

“What if I had just done _______ differently, then maybe it wouldn’t have happened?”

“If I would have eaten healthier, maybe it wouldn’t be this way?”

“If I could have been more present, maybe it wouldn’t hurt so bad now that they are gone?”

Whether it’s grief, illness, abuse, an accident...

Our brain wants to rationalize something that quite frankly isn’t meant to be rationalized.

We are in a broken world, full of broken people.

That means that there are some things that have happened to us, not because of us.

In those times, we are able to cling onto what did happen because of us, Jesus, and all of the answers and promises that He does bring.

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