• Hannah Dearth

Be the Person Who Shows Up

by: Hannah Dearth

If you want people who show up, be the person who shows up.

If you want people you can trust, be that trustworthy friend.

If you want someone who holds you accountable, be the friend who speaks the truth with love.

Friendship is tough work. Relationships can require challenge and compromise.

But, it is absolutely unfair to set a standard and request upon others that you don’t meet yourself.

Seasons will come and go where this may look different for each person. That is okay.

Have the hard talks. Do what you need to do. But also, be what you want to be given in return.

We were not created to do this alone. Friendship, true friendship, is one of the glorious graces He has designed to get us through this life in one piece. Friendship, when carried out as intended, is of the many beautiful gifts God has given us.

📸: Liz Louise Photography

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