• Hannah Dearth

Amazon and Netflix God

by: Hannah Dearth

Our God isn’t an Amazon Prime, drive-thru, or Netflix God.

Meaning, our God isn’t waiting around to meet our needs in a hurry and as we choose. Our God is bigger than that. He cannot be put into a box or willed into our control, but we often try to do that, don’t we ?

We imagine God in the way that best suits us and then we become frustrated or distant when He doesn’t fit into that image or timeline we are trying to create. Scripture says that He is far beyond what we could ever think or imagine. He is a God that is perfect and that means that He is also a God that is just. He is our King who reigns over all, and because He reigns we must allow Him to have all authority.

Do you know what else that means? That means that we do not have to, and we cannot ever, have all authority and control. Our God is not an Amazon Prime, drive thru, or Netflix God, and let’s praise Him for that!

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