• Hannah Dearth

All of the Answers

By: Hannah Dearth

Do you ever wish you had all of the answers?

Do you ever wish that you could just figure out what the next step is in your life or how to handle this current conflict?

Does it feel like the more you go through life whether it be parenting, a career, the day to day etc. that more situations continue to arise that you just weren’t prepared for or expecting?

Friends, take a deep breath. We do have all of the answers. All the ones that we need, anyway.

We may not know the exact outline for tomorrow, or next month, but we know the most important parts about how we are to live our lives in that time. We also know Who to live for in our tomorrow, next month, next year, and ten years from now, and we can be sure that He has a plan for us.

We may not have known that conflict or unexpected situation was going to arise, but we know how we are to love one another and we know where to find our comfort and strength and wisdom.

God left you with a book that you can read and re-read the rest of your life and continue to gain perspective, peace, and understanding. He also gave us Himself through seeking Him and being in His word. It is living and active, relevant and present, in all of our ups and downs- today, tomorrow, and forever.

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