• Hannah Dearth

A Virtual Hug

by: Hannah Dearth

I am not a teacher. I have never been a teacher...but I imagine the feelings are very much the same for anyone who worked regularly with children that they now suddenly are not able to see.

The worries of school being closed are so much more than virtual lesson plans and not having the day to day routine.

It’s about relationship. Connection. Support.

For our teachers and social workers and school staff... our bus drivers and cafeteria workers... it’s more than a job.

It’s about wondering if you will ever get to tell those little people bye one more time. It’s about making sure they know they are valued and they matter.

I may not remember the full name of each child I have worked with in mental health and social work...but I remember their faces. Their stories. Their talents showing a glimpse of the awesome humans they were going to grow to be.

I still pray for them. I carry them in my heart. Most of them, I had a proper goodbye with. Most of them it wasn’t cut short, leaving me worrying about their well-being, about if I did my job well enough.

It’s a lot. Our teachers and individuals who love and serve our children each day in ways big or small are so special. Send a virtual hug to your teachers, your therapists, your lunch ladies and bus drivers if you can! They put in more than just 8 hours of work 5 days a week into their jobs. They pour their hearts out for these babies and the care and love they have for them doesn’t “clock out” when they do.

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