• Hannah Dearth

10 Things That Are Most Likely True if You Live in Ohio this Time of Year

•Your love for the Buckeyes (the football team)

•Your love for the Buckeyes (the peanut butter and chocolate candy)

•Buying all of the milk, bread, and water at KrogerS when even just 1 inch of snow is forecasted (then talking about how you hate Ohio weather no matter what the outcome is of said predicted snow)

•Eating more chili, buying more chili, arguing which chili chain is best

•Pretending you either have always been a Bengals fan, or talking about them like you have broken up with them, depending on performance of course

•If you travel for a holiday you have the same conversation about construction delays on 75, 275, and/or 71 and how you think it will never end

•Going to “mamaw’s”

•You will drive anywhere to see some Christmas lights and post videos of them

•You are feeling so stressed from holiday prep you need a “pop”

•As you think about baby Jesus, you may be reminiscing on one of your other favorite pastime Jesus’, touchdown Jesus

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